Close To Home is a marketplace where you can find small businesses in your area to support, with a focus on local handmade and organic products.

We aim to help smaller businesses who are not able to afford their own online store to be able to easily sell their products online without a huge outlay on web development.



Close To Home helps you to find local small businesses to support through these tough times.

Our shop pages have a slider to choose how far from home you wish to search (max 100kms). You can find local shops, browse through our product categories or search for products you need.

Please note that sometimes browser geo-location is a bit faulty and will place you in the middle of SA. When your browser asks you if you want to allow the website to know where you are it usually functions better if you DON’T allow geo-location. 



With Covid-19 running rampant it has become very important for all traders to have some form of e-commerce trading available as nobody knows if and when other forms of commerce will be locked down again.

But paying a developer to build an online store for you can be an expensive process.

Close to Home is our attempt to lower the barrier to entry for small businesses to trade online without a huge outlay. We take payment through our credit card gateway (Payfast) and then charge you a 15% commission on your sales, plus a R10 admin charge each time you request a payout. It is free to use with no monthly membership fee. You only pay us if you make a sale!